February 6, 2012

When you're not a good self-motivator...

When you write, you spend a lot of time by yourself, in your own head. That's not always a helpful place to be, even if you enjoy the company of yourself and your characters. When you're not a good self-motivator, it's even harder. I like concrete deadlines because without them, here's a typical self-conversation:

Self: If you write 500 words, you can have an Oreo.
Conscience*: Food is not a good motivator. Pick something else.
Self: But I really want an Oreo.
Inner-demons (myriad): do laundry... hey, what's on facebook...
Conscience: You're wasting time.
Inner-demons: do dishes... it's nice out, you shouldn't waste it... make jewelry...
Self: Let me just get a cup of coffee and read what I wrote last time.
Conscience: You don't need more coffee!
Inner-demons: you should probably shower at some point, you know... or take a nap... or go play fetch with your poor dog... hey, what's on facebook...

Time spent self-arguing: 20 minutes
Words written: Er, does the blog count?
Oreos eaten: 1

Okay, now it's really time to get writing :)

*Also known as the leader of the Inner-demons.
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  1. Uber impressed you were able to stop at one Oreo.

    1. That was the total just in that particular twenty minutes...