January 30, 2012

Muses are funny things

I firmly believe writing produces writing. The more time spent writing, the easier the words will come. But this post isn't about that. It's about muses.

Thinking, listening, looking, dreaming... all of those things that lead to the ideas which lead to the writing. I wouldn't say I have a specific one on which I rely. Any of the sisters muse can provide inspiration at one point or another. It's when they appear that's the challenging part. Almost invariably it's when I'm doing something not just not anywhere near the computer or the notebook we're all supposed to carry (which I do), but not in any position to record my ideas anywhere but in my scattered brain... driving, showering, taking a walk. I suppose those are the times I actually have to muse. You too, right? I know we all face this problem.

Last night it was while brushing my teeth for bed. And which is why instead of climbing into said bed like I so very wanted to, I forced myself to walk past it, straight to the computer I'd shut firmly for the night, to write feverishly just five lines. Because it's not what the muse is, or when it strikes, but capturing the thoughts before they're gone that matters.

So what's the point? Nothing. Just musing.
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