September 9, 2012

Young Adult is so hot

it's even a movie with Charlize Theron.

I watched it this morning. It is NOT a comedy, no matter how they tried to market it, though there are a few darkly comedic moments. It's not really about young adult writing either. But it was interesting. (And depressing and thought-provoking.)

What happens when the Queen Bee doesn't grow up, just gets older?

It's a good question, and the movie seemed like a viable take on an answer. I didn't necessarily like the movie, but it was successful in making me think and keep thinking about it all day.

From a writing perspective, I think what I got out of it most is character fodder for parents and therefore, protagonist/antagonist influences and motivations. I'm pretty much Disney to parents in my stories, mothers especially, I know this, but even when parents aren't there, they're still influences.
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