September 4, 2012


Blog! Did you see how pretty you look? Just a little scrub here and outfit change there and you're all shined up for fall. Finally updated my What I'm Reading page with the last few months' worth as well.

So what else is new?

Yesterday, I turned old. I know age is just a number and all that, but I don't like the new number. It's one year closer to the year when really, finally I'm supposed to be/feel like a grownup. :/

A few days before that I FINISHED MY LATEST DRAFT. And I don't totally hate it. Kind of like it, really. First reader didn't hate it either! Nervously biting finger nails until Agent A and other readers weigh in.

The day after that I started obsessively writing a totally different book I totally didn't plan for. So, I'm obsessively working on that now. Oops.

Annnnd it's SEPTEMBER! That means: PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!! In honor of that, I opened today with pumpkin coffee and am closing it out with pumpkin beer. Win!

I hope all of you closed out your summer with all the sun and fun you deserved. Vive l'automne!
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