March 27, 2012

When life gets in the way

or, Death & Taxes, you can't escape 'em.

Thankfully, it's the latter that's gotten in the way (though having gone through an audit a few years ago, I can't say with complete certainty that death wouldn't be preferable).

I promised a blog post about being an ABNA finalist (and NOT winning), and I swear I've started it, but the Tax Man, and our accountant, waits for no blog. So, the blog is coming, along with the other blog posts on the agent talk I also promised. I promise!

I'm also trying to fit in time to work on some pretties to deliver to Pinch. The shop just got a makeover, and ohmygosh! does it look awesome. Can't wait to have a fresh stock of jewels in the glittering displays!
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