March 19, 2012

Outta town

I'm visiting Denver for the week, while my DH and his company rock DrupalCon, so I'm doing a lot of eating out, and not writing, but let's focus on the good stuff :) The highly recommendable places I've been so far:

Marlowe's- on the 16th St mall, great charcuterie plates and $2.50 drafts of local brews during the day

Lou's Food Bar- unassuming exterior, a-mazing menu and wonderful staff, plus locally distilled liquor choices and in-house cheeses

Lucky Pie- super delicious fresh pizzas and a load of taps
Sweet Cow Ice Cream- salted caramel flavor and my daughter will have one of these very soon!

Panzano- divine upscale Italian with a generous wine flight option

Snooze- a luxurious breakfast treat (and my favorite so far!)

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  1. If you're a beer lover Colorado has some great breweries. Great Divide Brewing Company is right out of Denver and has some great brews including their Yettie, which I highly recommend.

    1. I'm more of a wine drinker, but I had a great local unfiltered wheat brew yesterday. This is certainly a beer drinker's paradise, though! I also had some incredibly smooth locally distilled vodka.

    2. Nice! If you liked the vodka, there's another one distilled in Loveland, CO I recommend. Two out of work real estate agents started the distillery and since one of the women is black and the other white, they named it Zebra Vodka. It's very good so keep your eye out for it.