October 6, 2014

Week in Review--BTAF, NEIBA, and a book release

In short: Best. Week. Ever.

Let's rewind to Saturday, the 3rd annual Boston Teen Author Festival, of which I was (3 adjectives):
  • Thrilled
  • Honored
  • Humbled
to take part! Let me just say that it's so much easier to come up with three adjectives on your blog than on the spot from the moderator! I don't think I can say enough about how fantastic BTAF was. Renee and all the BTAFers did an amazing job AND they do it as volunteers, for love of YA and Boston. Thanks also go to the Cambridge Public Library and Porter Square Books for rounding out the event with a place to be and books to buy. I wanted to hug them ALL. (But I didn't, because I was raging sick and handing them my cold as parting gift would not have been nice or a good way to ever get myself invited back.) Unforgettable things:
  • Meeting SO MANY readers enthusiastic about teen lit

  • Signing books for many of them
  • Meeting so many fantastic authors and at least one of their moms
  • Being allowed to sit on panel with MT Anderson (National Book Award winner, NBD), Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Claire Legrand, Gregg Rosenblum, & Heather Swain
  • Did I mention enthusiastic readers?
  • Listening to smart ladies talk about character empowerment in the Choose Your Own Adventure panel

  • How just incredibly NICE everyone was. I mean EVERYONE. You've never met a friendlier, more genuine group of people.
It was such a privilege to be surrounded by people who love books, love YA lit, and are not afraid to show it. I'm giddy still thinking about it. Any future events I do will have a lot to live up to! I may even have had stop halfway home and rest after the sugar from the approximately 42 cough drops I ingested and my adrenaline ran out. THAT, friends, is the sign of a good day.

Next up, this past Wednesday, I was so lucky to be included at the New England Independent Booksellers Association conference as a signing author! It was basically book heaven.

The delightful Bill & Ted (really!) of Chesapeake & Hudson hosted me at their table and though I was only scheduled for an hour, they let me stay for almost four!

I met so many great book people--booksellers, librarians, publishing reps--and signed and gave away _so_many_ books! The piles, which I thought were huge when I started, were so small by the end. And though I gave away a ton of books, I came home with an amazing selection as well. Thank you, generous publishers! Some for me, and some for YOU. Many of these will be given away to readers at my upcoming events and on Twitter!

And last, but certainly NOT least, October 1 was the official release day for Second Thoughts. Get it while it's hot! Though some venues were already carrying them, hardcovers and paperbacks should now available EVERYWHERE! (or if your favorite store doesn't have it, ask them to order it!). And yes, like winter, the eBook is coming!

Next up for me: write thank you notes and finish Sententia 3. :)

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