July 2, 2014


In honor of round numbers and small achievements, let's celebrate! Because today this little ole blog hit 10,000 page views! And the good news is, probably only half of them came from my mom. :)

So thank you to all of you who've stopped by, even those who were searching for something random, and especially those who were actually looking for me! If we keep up this pace, here's to something like only 200 more years until 1,000,000!

As a little treat to you, here's a snippet of a scene from Second Thoughts (caution: swoony):

The grin never wavered as he moved forward, putting one arm on each side to trap me against the car. It was cool out, but it didn’t feel that way when he was so close to me. When he kissed me, it got even warmer. Blazing. After a few moments, he paused just long enough to repeat softly, “I’m sorry.”

“Me too,” I breathed, though at that moment, as his lips traveled down my neck, I was honestly having trouble remembering what we were apologizing for. Above me, in the slice of sky between the trees and the towering bookstore, I counted a thousand glittering stars. Wisps of smoke drifted high overhead, the smell of wood fire mingling with the constant scent of pine trees. Against the car, my back felt icy compared to the heat of Carter’s body pressed to mine.

“You want to come up?” he said, voice low and rough in my ear.

...to be continued in October!

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