May 23, 2014

Friday Five 05.22.2014

5 things I read this week:

  • This cute list of 19 lies parents tell their kids. I might have told some of them before. Takeaway: “Santa/The Easter Bunny/The Tooth Fairy doesn’t come if you don’t poop in the potty.” is the next one...
  • TLT killing it on YA and the media and, essentially, how not to be douche-y (in more professional terms, of course). Takeaway: Just read the whole thing. "And I know this is hard to comprehend, but most people are complex beings who are capable of liking more than one genre at a time. Teens are no different, that is why YA is full of a wide variety of genres."
  • Sarah @ We Heart YA on changing the conversation. Great, thoughtful post that added many more things to the top of Mount TBR, but also that made me think about my conversation changers. Maybe I'll do my own post on it eventually. Takeaway: "And while everyone is saying the same thing in slightly different ways, every so often, someone steps in and says something that changes the conversation."
  • This actually good, not at all douche-y list of top YA put out by Rolling Stone. Seriously, the whole internet is surprised. Don't yet read YA* and want some ideas where to start? I wouldn't complain if you chose from there. Read YA and want to see some classic and diverse choices you might not have hit yet? Check it out.
  • A semi-crazy list of 50 things you can ("should") start making yourself, including baby wipes, face cream, mayonnaise, Nutella, sunscreen, mascara, and about 44 others. Most of it I'm too lazy to do myself, but you might be more inspired. I AM, however, totally going to try making my own butter with my KitchenAid. At least once. Additional takeaway: COCONUT OIL is magic.
What have YOU been reading?

*I mean, you're here, so that's unlikely, but just in case.
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