April 7, 2014

School Library Journal: Lost in Thought is "a quietly compelling supernatural romance."

Super excited by this review of Lost in Thought from the April issue of School Library Journal!

Gr 9 Up–First-time author Bertrand offers a quietly compelling supernatural romance. Since childhood, Lainey Young, 16, was living nomadically with her godmother following her parents’ deaths. A fondness for antiquing triggers the first of Lainey’s supernatural gifts: touching objects involved with death allows her to witness these fatal occurrences. Accompanied by dizziness, fainting, and migraines, this power lands the teen at Northbrook Academy, where she learns that, like most legacy students, she’s Sententia (a secret society of people with special perceptive abilities). With a strong ally in Amy (her non-Sententia roommate) and romance with fellow Sententia Carter Penrose (recent Northbrook grad and town It Guy), Lainey gets her first taste of high school drama, which also melds with her suddenly supernatural life. Bertrand infuses the book with plenty of mystery surrounding the main character’s family history and the Sententia’s governing body. She ups the ante and tension by finally revealing the protagonist’s and Carter’s more dangerous talents. Lainey is a likable heroine who holds her own but with realistic insecurities. Initially, the narrative’s focus skews more toward the teens’ romance than the Sententia plot; still, the author is able to establish the characters and the New England prep school setting well. With occasional swearing, teen drinking, and frank but not crude references to sex, this novel is suitable for older teens. A violent altercation and unearthed secrets leave plenty of workable and interesting loose ends for the next installment. A promising start to a series that will find a fan base.–Danielle Serra, Cliffside Park Public Library, NJ
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