April 18, 2014

Friday Five 04.18.2014

5 things I read this week ending 4.18.14:

  • Sweet little article from TeenVogue with popular authors explaining how to become a published writer. Takeaway: It's hard work, and there's no perfect path. Nothing in this article was new to me, but I just love reading things directed at teens telling them how to pursue their dreams--realistically.
  • Sarah Negovetich on writing a newsletters that is actually interesting to readers. Takeaway: It's not all about you! Also, get a mailing list. I'll get working on that. :)
  • This really amazing post from YA Love on are teen girls seeing themselves reflected in what they read--for themselves and for school. Read this. Takeaway: The short answer is yes, in what they choose, and NO, a big, fat, glaring no, in school. I accept the limitations, that this is one survey from teens at one school, BUT, having been both a teacher and a teen girl, once upon a time, it all rings true to me.
  • A really great (old) article from the LA Times on how the musical acting was acheived in The Red Violin. I adore--adore--this movie. I've watched it a billionty times. If you have any interest in music and the interweaving of tragic stories, watch it! Takeaway: "The story is more concerned with the violin itself than any of its transient caretakers, and [the director]'s  challenge was to make his audiences care deeply for an inanimate piece of wood." And you do!
  • Another stop at Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog for a post by Michele Weber Hurwitz on comparison. For the second time in two weeks, comparison is the thief of ... (a brill little quote from Teddy Roosevelt) caught my eye. Because it is, and I am as guilty of it, while trying not to do it, as anyone. Takeaway: "While glowing reviews and awards are certainly wonderful, I've come to realize that rewards arrive in many forms, and often the best are the most heartfelt, touching, and personal."
What have YOU been reading?
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