February 15, 2013

Friday Five #4

Because last week I talked about getting away, and then I had a blizzard, which made getting away seem like such a nice idea. So I spent time reminding myself that I really DO love it in the Northeast and have never wanted to live anywhere else.

Think about today: 5 reasons you love where you are

  1. SEASONS- all four of them, even with the blizzards
  2. Trees- everywhere! all kinds!
  3. Being within an hour of not just everything but several options for everything. Boston, Hartford, & Providence are an hour or less drive. So are beaches or mountains. NYC, Albany, & NH/VT are not much further.
  4. Education- is a big deal here, in MA especially
  5. Family- because I would never not want to be near them
What do YOU love about where you are?
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