January 22, 2013

Pretty girls are pretty

Thanks again to everyone who entered my Goodreads and Second Chance giveaways! Those are over for now, but so much fun I bet I'll do them again soon :) SC Giveaway winners--your digital copies are on the way!

A question I think every writer gets is "who would play [insert character name] in a movie?!" And it's a fun one to think about. Whenever I start to write something new, I search for images for character inspiration, but I try not to use famous people. Sometimes I have trouble taking the image I have in my head and translating it to an actress or actor, but in my recent obsessive rewatching of Pitch Perfect, I think I've found a great option for Alexis Mercer, and she even has the same name: Alexis Knapp!

via Tumblr
She's a stunner, no? Who are your suggestions?

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