June 11, 2012

Good stuff from ABNA alum!

Great things for you today! First, uber-talented Rich Larson, of the evocative prose and fascinating imagination, has made some short stories available on Kindle! Read them! Love them! Here:

Factory Man
Every So Often

Seriously, Rich's words are like perfectly balanced meals. You can also check out some of his recent publications:
In Canadian Science Fiction Review: Like Any Other Star
And a short one in The Molotov Cocktail: Patron Saint of Lost Causes

And in other fabulous news, today is cover-reveal day for 2010 ABNA finalist Alex Lidell. It is fantabulous (fantasy-fabulous)! Check out the cover for The Cadet of Tildor over on Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire and enter the giveaway too!

Today! It's a day of exclamation points! Yay!
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