April 6, 2012

YA Spec Fic Open Submission Opportunity!

Heads up, writers! Do you write YA speculative fiction? Are you unagented and unpublished*? There's a fantastic opportunity for direct submission at Strange Chemistry, a new YA imprint from your friends at Angry Robot launching this fall! The doors are open April 16-30.

Read the details here:

I'm not involved in this process (though you bet my agent has already submitted our proposal!), but think it's awesome. All I can say is follow the instructions to the letter, make sure your MS and first 5 are in tip-top shape, and GOOD LUCK!

Not YA? Don't despair. Angry Robot says they're doing another open call this spring, though they don't have details online yet.

Not Spec Fic? Sorry, Charlie.

*This includes self-published. Unpublished for them means not published in any way.
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