November 13, 2012

Well, sorry, but I'm doing it.

Lately I find myself defending something I'm only moderately vested in. Why? Because I keep hearing "it doesn't exist" and other denials and marginalizations, all of which seem to deny the obvious: We're talking the shit out of it, which says to me that it does, in fact, exist. And because it exists, and represents something NEW and UNTESTED and, here's the kicker, CHANGE-y, it is scary.

TRY NOT TO BE SCARED. Writers, if you're writing it, IT EXISTS. Whatever it is, if you're doing it, it's real. This is true for every single new and scary and different literary path. The currently real-or-not hot space is not a figment of imagination that so many separate people have made up that everyone is talking about it. Neither will the next one be. Where will these new ideas go? Who knows. Will they sell, will they be niche, will they be nothing at all?

No one really knows what will sell until it does.

Write on!

/end rant of ranty rantiness
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