December 29, 2014

'Best of' 2014 reads

It's that time of year again! In no particular order, my top reads of 2014:

  • Such a Rush, Jennifer Echols- So good, I read it twice! She is an absolute master of sexual tension.
  • The Burning Sky, Sherry Thomas- I could gush on and on. Loved everything about this, especially the magic and Titus. Give me your tortured heroes, all of them.
  • Seraphina, Rachel Hartman- Orma is my spirit animal.
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, Gabrielle Zevin- Just brilliant, especially if you're a book person. Bookseller recommendation, and I picked up a signed copy.
  • Grave Mercy, Robin LaFevers- God of Death hooked me; the brilliant writing kept me (for the whole series). I am almost always most partial to book 1 in series with rotating POVs...something about the first characters I fall in love with. (BONUS: Only $1.99 on Kindle as of this writing!)
  • The Winner's Curse, Marie Rutkoski- I'm slightly obsessed with this book and especially the last line. This was a 'word of mouth' read that I snagged on a whim after I seemed to be hearing the title from every blogger I followed on Twitter. There's a reason they were all talking about it. A good one.

Best voice: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, April Genevieve Tucholke

Best series (that I read all of this year): TIE

Best series starter: Blood Red Road, Moira Young

Best sleeper hit (ie. HFS, why aren't more people reading this?!?!): The Lost Sun, Tessa Gratton

My stats for the year: approximately 65 books read, though this number includes some novellas and an early chapter book or two I read with my daughter (and does not include DNFs or manuscripts, my own or critique partners'). This is four fewer books than last year; however, it amounted to only 1,600 pages fewer than last year's total, not even a chapter's worth of words. So I read a bunch of BIG books this year. Looking at my list, I understand why, because I devoured a good amount of rich fantasy, series conclusions, and historical fiction.

The above list is only a smattering of the books I loved and liked out of the 60+! Remember you can always follow what I'm reading on Goodreads or here on the blog.

What were your favorites of the year? What should I put on my TBR for 2015?
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