April 11, 2014

Friday Five 4.11.14

5 things I read this week ending 4.11.14:
  • Fat Chance, on approaching fitness for the (significantly) overweight. It's lengthy and gives a lot to think about, not all about fitness. Takeaway: "'Finally, do not compare yourself to anyone, ever. Your journey is unique. Comparison is the thief of dreams...You can't be a back-of-the-pack runner and not have some fun," she laughs. "It's time to celebrate your efforts and find the joy in the journey.'"
  • This stop on the yearly YA scavenger hunt blog thingy, at Sarah B. Larson's (Defy) site, featuring a Finn Belastra scene from Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked, Star Cursed). I love me some Finn, but don't read it unless you've read Star Cursed because spoilers.
  • An interview with Lamar Giles about his debut Fake ID and diversity in writing--authors and characters. Takeaway: Lots, but particularly liked: "But, I believe if you’re writing fiction with the goal of pleasing everyone who reads it, you’re writing bland fiction."
  • Janice Hardy for Pub Crawl on turning the shiny new idea into a novel. Takeaway: "If [your character's] the same person at the end as the beginning, that’s a red flag that she might just be acting out plot, and doesn’t really have anything to gain (or risk) by going through this experience."
  • A little kid-craft goodness from No Time for Flashcards on simple flower suncatchers for spring. Takeaway: sequins, glue, fun.
What have YOU been reading lately?
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