March 15, 2013

Friday Five #8: Reading Roundup

5 things I read this week:

  1. Interesting post from author Jo Knowles on a particularly challenging revision. Reading authors' posts on "how do you...?" is always for me both fascinating and stressful. On one hand, I enjoy seeing how different it is for everyone. On the other, it's different for everyone and, therefore, easy to feel like you're doing it wrong or they're doing it better, and to fall prey to the Doubt Monster. As much as possible, I try to ignore the monster and enjoy the diversity, seeing if I might glean something that might work for me too.
  2. Author Fiona Paul's two-part post on her experience writing for hire. Part 2 lists her pros and cons.
  3. 12 ideas to improve writing productivity from author Marissa Meyer.
  4. A smart and not-super-judgey opinion piece on living with less by Graham Hill for the NYT. I don't think I'd abide a fold-down bed, but I find a particular truth in what he says here: "But my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support."
  5. Lovely blog Mostly YA Lit's rant in favor of GOOD BOYS. Earning a hearty cheer from me!
What have YOU been reading?
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