February 22, 2013

Friday Five #5: Blogs

5 blogs/posts I read this week:

  1. Nancy Holder talks The Double Life @IndieRecon
  2. Robison Wells talks frankly about mental illness and how it impacts so many things, including one's faith
  3. Dude In Publishing talks straight about publishing anxiety and the creation of need (so great I even forgive the use of Oasis!)
  4. Much-shared post by Rachelle Gardner on how not to hate self promotion (I'm not sure this spoke to me, but I can see it did speak to a lot of people and there's a bonus real life Bad Query in the comments section.)
  5. 5 blogs of friends and supporters that you should check out:
I'll be doing a blog 5 like this periodically. So, what have YOU been reading?
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