September 9, 2012

Also, blog, I'm cheating on you

I joined Tumblr because... because. I'm not sure why. Because I thought I should. It's the thing to do. I'm diversifying and, at a minimum, reserving my parking spot. I mean, I do sometimes research on it, from the very awesome photo collections from some very awesome users, so I might as well be a member. A few problems so far: I'm way too LoFi to figure out how to customize and I'm allergic to animated gifs (also, GET OFF MY LAWN). But, I'll ease my way into it. By the time I acclimate to how it works/become able to look at animated gifs without having a seizure, it probably won't be cool anymore. But whatever. I'm there.

There's a little widget over there ----------------------------------------------------->
where you can see my posts.

And, you know, if you Tumbl, feel free to follow along. And give me some tips.
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